Reliable Helicopter Shifting Services in Dubai & the UAE

Ports Shipping is a distinguished provider of world-class transportation and logistics solutions in Dubai and the UAE. We are one of the select helicopter shifting companies in Dubai, UAE that offer cost-effective, reliable, and convenient helicopter moving services for businesses and individuals.

Advantages of our shifting services for helicopters

As one of the leading helicopter shifting companies in Dubai, UAE, our shifting services for helicopters is designed to enable businesses and individuals to maximise their investment in the helicopters they have purchased. Whether for personal or commercial use, helicopters are a valuable asset. However, flying the helicopter from one location to another is more expensive. For example, if your helicopter is stationed in Abu Dhabi and you want to relocate to Ajman or Ras Al Khaimah, it would be cheaper to transport it via road. Port Shipping is one of the reliable service provider who can help you transport your helicopter from one location to another.

If you are simply flying a helicopter to transport it from point A to point B, you are wasting fuel, paying for the pilot’s time, and allowing the aircraft to depreciate fast. To avoid this, the ideal solution is to get land-based helicopter shifting service from reputable companies like Ports Shipping.

Through our service, you can minimise the risk to your helicopter, thus allowing you to transport the helicopter safely. Other benefits include the following:

  • Safe and Reliable shifting services
  • Transportation schedule is independent of weather conditions.
  • Shipping of helicopter components like blades safely.

Reasons to choose our helicopter moving services

Ports Shipping has a fleet of trucks that are customized for transporting helicopters, regardless of their size, ensuring all components and mechanisms will not incur any damage during transit. In addition, our team of experts and drivers are specifically trained to load, secure and transport this kind of aircraft –a task that should not simply be entrusted to general freight carriers.

So if you are looking to deliver a new helicopter to your customer, or you need to take the aircraft to a repair facility for maintenance, Ports Shipping is the company that can help you.

Need more information on our services and competitive prices? You may get in touch with us anytime, our customer service team will be more than happy to assist you.

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